Me & The 50th Dimension

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ME – I am a 50++  female IT/Telecom professional and part time entrepreneur.   A few years ago I coined the phrase “The 50th Dimension” after making common observations of myself, family and friends.  This blog and the related books are an expression our similar experiences at this time of our lives.   This is just one of the ways I use jobless times to invest in my creative and technical talents.  Besides the good feeling from seeing my talents in use, I’m hoping they bring a little income now and make retirement more fulfilling later.

I am not a doctor or a psychiatrist so this is practical NOT medical or professional advice.  Please take that as my disclaimer of any content being what you personally should do.  BUT… I have been blessed with an education that included excellent health, fitness, engineering and extensive science classes.  I have found it all to pay off as I work my way back to my former organized and energetic state.

At 54 I was married for the first time, to a sweet handsome hard working man.  It was too late to have children but not to late to have a cute short fluffy dog.   I try not to let this take my time away from them.  Midlife with no children adds another flavor of sentiments to this time in life.

Originally I am a proud California Girl but moved away almost 30 years now 🙁 .  Can’t undo that –  but I can make the most of The 50th Dimension so that the rest of my life is at its full potential.

ABOUT THE 50TH DIMENSION  – Experiencing the first signs of aging is frustrating while trying to keep a career.   In our 50’s it’s enough that we’re trying to manage a household, support children, AND…. help our 80+ yr old family members through ailments, household downsizing and 21st century technology.  In addition, we’re under threat of being kicked out of the economy from corporate layoffs and forced retirement plans.  When you used to be a petite athlete or the perfect household manager, that could eat anything and have the energy to go anywhere – this age IS a slap in the face!!   Since I have made people laugh so much from my frustrations,  I decided to write about them as a humorous way of describing what works for me.

MY GOAL – Even though I am well into this phase of life, I am hoping those here will benefit from my ways to make life easier.  I also hope to help those behind me in age prepare for it.   One of my friends at 49 told me aging had already tapped him on the shoulder AND slapped in the face when he prepares for a local road race each year.

My contributors use “handles” for their contributions I enter.  I don’t have interactive comment features because I don’t like a lot of screen time needed to manage it.

MY AUDIENCE – Anyone, near and above 50, starting to feel those signs of aging.  A LOT of us currently in The 50th Dimension are at the end of the official Baby Boomer group (those born 1949-1964).   The older Baby Boomers are getting the attention though since they’re “medicare eligible”.  So….this is just an outlet for me and a few laughs for you with helpful tips I have found to work.   The next groups in The 50th Dimension may have a different set of frustrations but they’ll have same set of aches, pains and brain lapses.  Ouch!!