Tips for The 50th Dimension:

Move it or lose it is for real – When you don’t exercise and sit all day at a desk, you can be sure aches and pains will start to visit. Sitting causes blood to circulate less and inflammation to creep up. I just ordered some Inflamma-Less gel caps I took years ago when I went from an active to a sitting job. I like it better then the grit I feel in my throat from powders…and I’m not efficient enough keep buying and cutting up fresh ginger!!

Office Life After Layoff – It’s the topic of one of my mini books. We need to stay sharp at our age and not get too comfortable without learning new office software, tools and logistics. Some offices have no dedicated desks just shared work spaces, phones are a thing of the past so get used to VoIP, no one picks up the stupid phone so keep up your typing skills for IM’s all day.