What to expect here…..

Here you will hear about what I have named – The 50th Dimension:  Life during our 50’s and 60’s when aging starts to tap us on the shoulder, or just slap us right in the face.  My purpose here, and in my related books, is to help us all laugh and learn through the process.

There are a LOT of us currently near the end of the official Baby Boomer group (1949-1964).  However, most media focus is on older Baby Boomers more accustomed to the changes from aging.  This is serves a resource for those having new “adult growing pains”…..like me.

Tips for The 50th Dimension:

Move it or lose it is for real – When you don’t exercise and sit all day at a desk, you can be sure aches and pains will start to visit. Sitting causes blood to circulate less and inflammation to creep up. I just ordered some Inflamma-Less gel caps I took years ago when I went from an active to a sitting job. I like it better then the grit I feel in my throat from powders…and I’m not efficient enough keep buying and cutting up fresh ginger!!

Office Life After Layoff – It’s the topic of one of my mini books. We need to stay sharp at our age and not get too comfortable without learning new office software, tools and logistics. Some offices have no dedicated desks just shared work spaces, phones are a thing of the past so get used to VoIP, no one picks up the stupid phone so keep up your typing skills for IM’s all day.

Voices From the 50th Dimension

My friends are hilarious so here you’ll find their midlife observations:

  • Corporate America is so frustrating by now since we’ve seen all the reorgs, office trends and the disappearance of a real live person to help with any of it….so my friend “Rocker Romeo” says “Who You Gonna Slap?!”
  • Aches and pains come out of no where at this age.  A neighbor of mine that just turned 60 says “50 is the same as 40 except…you hurt”.
  • Injuries in the 50th Dimension seem to multiply some weeks.  Deirdre says “I hurt my back one week falling, I injured my ankle the next week doing a run…what can I say, I’m in my 50’s so I feel like I’m falling apart”.

Books in The 50th Dimension

The 50th Dimension books are three mini’s coming this summer. All of you know someone that can use at least one of them. You may be able to benefit from all three of them yourself. Please stay tuned.

Life in the 50th Dimension – What it’s like when aging and midlife events start to tap you on the shoulder and sometimes slap you in the face.

Little Bits of Joy – Noticing the simple things in a simple day that can change your whole mood compared to the serious 50th Dimension events that make days a challenge.

Office Life After Layoff – A hilarious, rude awakening view of going back to the office environment after months or years of being laid off, working from home, or working for your self.